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About Us

Guys Opticians Clinic

We believe that excellence in optical healthcare. We believe technology can aid us in making quick and accurate diagnoses. To this end, we have invested significantly in state of art, most advanced equipment in eye care. We have refurbished the practice to make it clean, safe and welcoming to you and your family.

Above all, we believe the best care can be achieved only by listening to the patient's needs and concerns and acting on their needs. Often times the concerns of the patient are lost in the noise of the retail environment in an optical practice. Meeting sales targets and seeing large volumes of customers often become the goals of high street optical practices. This leads to a significant reduction in the quality of healthcare for patients who visit these practices.

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That is why at Guys Opticians, our primary objective is to give our patients the best possible optical healthcare experience that we can. For this purpose, we have trained our staff to make sure our patients are comfortable and are well taken care of.

At Guys Opticians, we ensure that you experience the excellence in optical healthcare you deserve. Our practitioners have multiple specialities and are dedicated to their profession as well as their patients.


To make us better at listening, caring and advising you, we have invested and continue to spend significant hours on staff training and continuous improvements.  We therefore would love to hear your feedback and seek your assistance in making us the best we can be. 

Our Team

Our team

We are a dedicated team, passionate about providing you and your family the best eye care service possible. We have a combined experience of more than 15 years in the industry. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest style and products. We regularly participate in education and training programs, so that we can offer you the best products and services the industry has to offer.


When you need your vision corrected, we will help you find the right glasses and contact lenses to suit your style, your needs and your prescriptions. We will advise you on the best spectacle frames and lenses to ensure that you can get the best look with crisp clear vision. We will advise you on the advanced clinical services we have to offer so that you can give your eyes the best clinical care possible.


We will see to your every eye care need and ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services. We are always happy to help you with your queries and listen to your suggestions. If you are not happy with anything, please let us know and we promise will put it right. 

Your Optometrist

Your Optometrist

Syed Rahman

MCOptom, Dip TP (IP), MBA, FCMI CMgr

Mr Rahman graduated from Manchester University in 2001. Since then, Mr Rahman has been a professional member of the College of Optometrists (UK) and the Association of Optometrists (UK). Mr Rahman has over 20 years of experience in eye care. He has worked for many optical practices, the likes of Supersavers, Boots, Scrivens, Optical Express, Vision Express, as well as many independent practices up and down the country.


Mr Rahman is a specialist therapeutic prescriber. Having gained his specialist knowledge in the medical management of the eye from Aston University in 2013, he has seen many complicated eye conditions and has helped many patients restore their sight. Mr Rahman has gained his speciality in Myopia Management from BCLA and Dry Eye Management from Moorfield’s Eye Hospital. Mr Rahman is a passionate practitioner and has invested a lot of his time in optical/medical education and clinical development.


Mr Rahman is a keep educator, have taught clinics at Manchester University. Mr Rahman is a mentor and a supervisor for trainee optometrists around the world. Mr Rahman is an advisor to the Bangladesh Optometry Society, he is also a council member at the World Council of Optometry.


Besides his work as an optometrist, Mr Rahman is a passionate philanthropist. He is a co-founder and actively involved in many charity projects here in the UK and abroad. He has helped many destitute communities get back on their feet. Mr Rahman carries out eye camps in poor countries, to help the poor see once again so that they are able to fend for themselves rather than to look for handouts.  You can follow Mr Rahman’s charity blog here.

After 20 years of working for others, and having gained extensive knowledge and additional specialities, Mr Rahman has now decided to dedicate all his time and effort to provide the best eye care possible for his patients. Mr Rahman is compassionate and gives you the time necessary to listen to your eye concerns. If you have a specific need or need more time to discuss your eyes problems with Mr Rahman please let his team know to book extra time with him.

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