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Membership Plans

Often we want the best for our eyes and be able to afford the best glasses and lenses. We want lenses that will give us the best sight and spectacles that will last a while. But, it's not always possible to have what we want. Therefore, at Guys Opticians we have packaged our product and services so that you can decide on the level of care you want for yourself and your family. What more, we have broken these packages into affordable payment plans.


At Guys Opticians we recognize that although it is nice to be able to pay for all our products and services at the time of purchase, it's not always financially viable to pay all at once. have a comprehensive eye examination with additional diagnostic checks, nice glasses with digital, sometimes it's difficult to pay for all the services at once.

As our valued patients, we would like to offer you the best of both worlds, advanced diagnostic tests plus the glasses you most love, on an affordable plan. On your membership plan, you can choose the level of care you desire, enjoy great discounts, and receive complimentary services and products.

  • Silver Plan

    Every month
  • Gold Plan

    Every month
  • Platinum Plan

    Every month

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