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Contact Lens Fitting

During the contact lens fitting assessment, the optometrist will determine whether you are a good candidate for contact lenses.

A series of questions about your daily routine and a series of examinations are used in order to determine which lens type will best suit your lifestyle.

The checks that will be performed by the optometrist, include;

  • Examining your eyes' front surfaces

  • Vision test

  • Take measurements of your eyes' front surfaces

After the optometrist has completed all essential exams and determined the best lens type and prescription for you.

You will be given a pair of lenses for you to trial.

Before you leave with your lenses, your optician or a member of their staff will show you how to insert and remove them and will provide you with crucial information on how to care for them.

This examination is required in order to buy any contact lenses from any provider in the UK.

Contact Lens Aftercare

The purpose of contact lens aftercare is to evaluate if your existing contact lenses are correctly correcting your vision and to thoroughly examine the health of the front surface of the eye, which is where the contact lens sits.

The goal is to ensure that any issues you have with your contact lenses, whether they are related to vision or comfort, can be discussed thoroughly and handled as needed by modifying your current lenses or switching to a new type of lens or solution.

The optometrist also ensures that the contact lens fits properly and does not have any negative effects on your eye's health.

The other important detail is the regulations controlling the supply of contact lenses.  The lenses can only be supplied if you have a valid, current contact lens specification.  The contact lens specifications we issue are usually valid for twelve months from the date of the last aftercare and beyond this date, we are unable to supply lenses until your eyes have been rechecked to confirm that the current lenses fit well and the eye health is good.